NEW DELHI – Journalism ethics in India relegated to extremely lower levels when after several news channels broadcasted a press conference inciting violence against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

In the news conference a leader of extremist group Rashtriya Karanti Hindu Dal announced Rs 10 million as head money for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Geo reported.

According to senior Journalist and anchor of Geo News Hamid Mir this was not a story but rather incitement to violence. “This is government propaganda. This organization is an ally of the BJP. The Indian government was behind this press conference and pressurised the Indian media which is also being censored”.

Indian journalist who dispelled reports that terrorists who attacked Uri base had Pakistani weapons were being threatened and they have contacted CPJ, Hamid Mir further said.

Analyst Mazhar Abbas said this clearly showed Indian extremism had support in India. “The BJP is the biggest example of this,” Mr Abbas added.

Mazhar Abbas further said it was unfortunate that extremism was being spread on the state level in India and this was evident in what was being seen in the media.

Earlier on Thursday, the Indian defence ministry told editors “all contents relating to the Indian Army, irrespective of ‘source’ of inputs, and intended to be published, should be pre-verified from the offices of media centres in commands & corps HQ or from this office through your defence correspondents”.