LAHORE – A mysterious website is eyeing to make hefty amount of money by swindling social media buffs as they are luring in people through a tag line “Is Malik Riaz blackmailed by ISI”.

The website ( is promoting facebook ads suggesting that the real estate magnate Malik Riaz is being blackmailed by country’s top intelligence agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) but as a  matter of fact when users navigate to the link, it is redirected to the website depicting a totally different story of how to make money at home.

What makes the situation worse is the fact that the website that lures internet users through a fake catchy headline has no such information about making money at home.

The website is intended only to swindle users of their money by asking confidential details about their bank accounts.

The evil genius brains behind the scam also quoted Malik Riaz saying that the leaders don’t want to aware people of this trick although no such thing was said by him at all.

A user Mohammed Baqri has also been quoted by the website as making hefty bucks although no contact information was made oppublic so users can cross check that.


So, if you are also one of the individuals seeking to find work at home, do not navigate to the page as it would deprive you of your current financial assets as well.

Stay glued to your job and don’t quit it craving for this scam oppurtunity as there is no such thing as making millions at home with a few clicks.