LAHORE –  Pakistan Ulema Council, while denouncing terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, Kabul and London said that enemies of ‘World Peace’ are manoeuvring conspiracies to create religion-based clashes between believers of different religions of the world.

To condemn prevailing wave of extremism and terrorism, ‘Dar-ul-Afta’ of Pakistan Ulema Council released a decree here on Sunday with the consent of religious scholars of different religious sects and renowned Ulemas of the country including, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Maulana Abdul Hameed Watto, Maulana Ghulam Ullah Khan, and others.

The decree issued on account of ‘Dar-ul-Afta’ of Pakistan Ulema Council stated that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has prohibited Muslim Ummah from extremism. “Extremist organisations like Daesh (IS) are defaming Muslim Ummah across the world. History of Islam is witness to the fact that ‘Takfeeri Groups’ in early years of Islam martyred Hazrat Uthman (R.A) and Hazrat Ali (R.A), and these very extremist elements under the guise of Muslims and Islam have caused more damage to Islam and Muslim Ummah than others.”

The Quran terms killing of an individual as the killing of the entire human beings and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has also announced disassociation with killers of innocent people. In recent terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, Manchester, Kabul, London and some African countries, women and innocent children were targeted, which is explicit proof that elements responsible for these terrorists attacks have no affiliation either with Muslims or Islam.

Pakistan Ulema Council appealed to the peaceful intellectuals, scholars and leadership of different religions of the world and specifically to the leadership of Muslim countries to play their respective roles for the annihilation of extremism and terrorism from the surface of the world.

The stressed that the mass media should also play its key and responsible role in educating youths of different religions against menace of terrorism and extremism and all the root-causes in this connection should be identified and eliminated.

Pakistan Ulema Council stated that it would continue its cause and struggle for the eradication of extremism, terrorism and sectarian violence from Muslim Ummah and after the month of Ramadhan, an international summit would be held for annihilation of extremism and terrorism that will be attended by notable leadership of the world and representatives of different religions of the world. The leadership of Pakistan Ulema Council also expressed solidarity with victims of the terrorist attacks of Saudi Arabia, Manchester, Kabul and London.