Pakistan welcomes US role to resolve conflict with India: Asif

  • Says Pakistan desires a peaceful Afghanistan
  • US ambassador to Pakistan David Hale says need to pressurise Taliban until they agree for talks

ISLAMABAD – Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Monday welcomed the role of the United States to resolve the tensions between Pakistan India.

The foreign minister was addressing a session regarding Pakistan-US dialogue at the fourth meeting of Track 2-1.5 dialogue. He added that there is need to tackle water issues.

Raising objections to the US policy on South Asia, Asif said that Pakistan desired a peaceful Afghanistan. He said that drugs production and lawlessness on the rise in the neighbouring country, adding that Pakistan could not be held responsible for deterioration in Afghanistan.

Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua, US Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale and Wilson Center Asia Program Deputy Director Michael Kugelman and others also attended the meeting.

Addressing the gathering, Hale defended the US policy and said that it was based on regional realities and aimed at eliminating terrorist hideouts. He stressed the need to put pressure on Taliban until they agreed to hold talks and respect rights of women and minorities.

Saying the relation between the US and Pakistan are not at normal level, Kugelman said that Washington would need Islamabad until he leaves Afghanistan.

The fourth round of Track 2-1.5 dialogue will end on November 7. The first round of the dialogue was held in Kabul, second in Washington and third in Islamabad. Wilson Center, US think-tank, and US Department of State have organised the session.