In an exclusive session aiming to promote peaceful narrative and anti-extremism discourse, Peaceful Pakistan in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board, organised an exclusive session with eminent Islamic scholar and fellow of Al-Mawrid Dr Khalid Zaheer at Arfa Software Technology Park.

Dr. Khalid Zaheer during the conference

The session titled ‘Peace and Extremism in the Light of Islam’ shed light on the true fundamental belief of Islam, which is peace, tolerance and inter-faith harmony.

Team Lead ‘Peaceful Pakistan’ project Hira Farrukh

Quoting references from the Holy Quran, Dr Khalid Zaheer encouraged the audience to reflect upon the divine message given to the ‘Ummah’ and ponder upon it in order to endorse peace and tolerance. He said, “To promote peaceful narrative and bring an effect end to anti-extremism it is important that open ourselves to discussions and dialogues on interfaith harmony and tolerance. Peace is the fundamental belief of Islam, and it’s necessary to understand the message given to us through the Holy Book. We need to get rid of prejudices and arrogance because vices such as these are the root cause of differences between various communities. These differences, over the period of time, develop into extremism and tolerance.”

Sana Talat Gilani from Daily Pakistan Global during the Q/A Session

The session concluded with an interactive Q & A activity during which the audience participated enthusiastically. Responding to a query on the role of education in endorsing tolerance and coexistence Dr Kalid Zaheer said, “Education plays an integral role in educating and moulding the personality of the youth. Students should have the right to question so that are not misled or left confused. While designing the education curriculum, education institutes should ensure anything that encourages religious indifference or intolerance should not be included in the syllabi. The right education is the main key to developing coexistence and tolerance.”

The event was presided by PITB DG IT Rizwan Rashid, who was accompanied by PITB JD e-Governance Hasnain Iqbal.

Among the prestigious guests were members of Punjab Information Technology Board, Information Technology University, Director of National Commission of Justice and Peace Cecil Chaudhry and advocate of inter-faith harmony Arafat Mazhar.