LAHORE – The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) declared various ghee and cooking oil brands unfit for human consumption.

According to a public notice issued by the authority, the ghee and cooking oil brands are unfit due to absences of Vitamin A and rancidity, artificial flavour addition and other acid values.

PFA declared the brands unfit after examining the samples which were collected during a survey in the process, said a statement issued by the authority.


Various brands include Shan Cooking Oil, Shan Banaspati, Soya Supreme Cooking Oil and five other brands.

The brands which were declared unfit due to rancidity and addition of artificial flavour include Tullo Banaspati, Tullo Cooking Oil, Soya Supreme Banaspati, Kisan Vegetable ghee, Smart Canola Cooking Oil, Ghani Cooking Oil and eight other brands.