KARACHI (Online) – Estranged leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Justice (Retd) Wajih ud Din has said that four persons have occupied the party, adding he has no difference with PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

“Aleem Khan from Lahore, Nadir Leghari from Karachi, KPK Chief Minsiter Pervez Khattak, and Jahangir Tareen have hijacked the party,” Wajih said while talking to the media on Saturday.

“We want transparent election in PTI. Norms of merit have been murdered in cantonment board elections. If Qabza group stays in PTI then party will have to face difficulties in local bodies election in Sindh and Punjab,” he held, vowing to continue his efforts for saving the party.

He also indicated that he had held detailed discussion with Imran Khan for three hours with reference to Qabza mafia of the party. “Imran Khan was told that election tribunal had also given decision against these four persons, who used money in the election and committed rigging. Mr Imran Khan was told to stay away from them,” he added.

Imran Khan replied he had some compulsions in this regard with reference to party, he told the media.

PTI has over seven million members in the country and it is inappropriate to enlist more members, he said, adding offering more membership would open the new avenues of rigging. “This way party will undergo suffering,” he remarked.

PTI should scrutinise its members and induct well reputed person on seven key positions of party, he urged. Imran Khan has been authorised by election tribunal to elect interim set up and bring to fore ideological people, he pointed out.

Wajih claimed election commission is incomplete which needs to be completed. All other people barring Imran Khan stole intra party election, he alleged.

He said he cannot even think to rebel from party and he was not intended to join some other party. If party suspends his membership or expels him even then he will continue to work for the welfare of party, he announced.