LAHORE (Staff Report) – Amir Khattak, the man accused in the case of Rabia Naseer’s murder, has claimed that the student committed suicide after he rejected her marriage proposal.

Rabia Naseer, a university student who was found dead in a famous hotel on Lahore’s Mall Road on July 29.

Amir Khattak took it upon himself to appear before the police and have his statement recorded. He then went on to state that he was a friend of Rabia’s for over two years and that a situation was created when Rabia asked for his hand in marriage. His rejection to Rabia’s proposal made her take her own life and also concluded his statement.

It was also revealed during the investigation that the deceased was disheartened over Amir’s relation with other girls.

The preliminary forensic report has also shown explosive particles from the gun on her hands.

Police identified Amir through Rabia’s last phone call.