KARACHI (Web Desk) – The Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) hired fake crowd to stage an anti-Pakistan protest in Geneva led by self-exiled Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti, it has been revealed.

The Indian media used the Bugti-led protest to divert the attention of international community from the atrocities being carried out in occupied Kashmir.

In an exclusive report on Geo television evidence was put forth that Indian intelligence brought “paid demonstrators” from a refugee camp to the protests led by Bugti and Mehran Murri.

“The protesters were nationals of countries from Far East Asia and Africa and didn’t even look close to people of Balochistan in appearance” the report said.

Veteran journalist Shahzeb Khanzada expressed that usually the refugees were paid 100-150 francs to take part in protests called Silent Solidarity Protests. The protestors kept mu owing to the fact that they could not communicate in foreign language.

As for the Burqa-clad participants of the so-called Baloch protest in Switzerland, the Pakistani journalist said they were members of an obscure Women Rights Organization, who had nothing to do with reality.

Brahamdagh who is raring for Indian citizenship has continuously been used by the Indian authorities and the latest demonstrations looks a ploy to divert the focus of international community from the restive region.

Mehran Murri, another Baloch separatist leader whose brother Changaiz Murri is a cabinet member in Balochistan, has also led fake protests although he was unwilling to seek asylum in India.

Owing to the anti-Pakistan activities, people of Balochistan have denounced both the leaders for their ties with Indian intelligence.