Senior lawyer SM Zafar instructed by wife amid television show on Panama verdict

  • 'Why are you showing him the way out' was heard in studio as Zafar was on the phone line

ISLAMABAD – One of the most senior lawyers of Pakistan, S.M Zafar faced a bizarre situation last night while expressing his viewpoint over the phone about the Panama verdict during a television show.

Zafar, who remained a member of the Upper House of Parliament from 2006 to 2012 was participating in ARY’s popular show ‘Off the Record’.

When the program anchor Kashif Abbasi posed a question about the disqualification tenure of Nawaz Sharif and his possible return to the assembly, the lawyer did not speak.

However, a voice believed to be of her wife was heard loudly over the phone saying: Why are you showing him (Nawaz Sharif) the way out?

The program participants Fawad Chaudhry of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Nadeem Afzal Chan of Pakistan Peoples Party and the anchor himself were confused after the instruction by the wife of S.M Zafar.

The phone line was disconnected soon after the untoward intervention. Have a look at the awkward video footage shared by another television anchor, Maria Memon of Ary News:

It bears mentioning that a five-member bench of the supreme court unanimously disqualified the prime minister Nawaz Sharif for concealing his employment with the FZE capital, a firm owned by his younger son Hassan Nawaz.