FAISALABAD (Staff Report) – The management of National Textile University (NTU) of Faisalabad has forbidden female students from donning a long list of clothing items and accessories.

A female student, under the condition of anonymity, revealed that the varsity management has made it mandatory for female students to wear ‘dupatta’ and put a ban on wearing ‘jeans’ in the premises of the university.

According to a notification the NTU issued on Thursday, the students and staff of the university should not wear tight or see-through dress, T-shirts, dress bearing language or art/slogans and picture printed, torn clothes, jogging or exercise clothes, untidy or immodest dress, loose shoes, stylish sun glasses and designer caps, shorts or sleeve-less shirts and shawls.

NTU Director Tanveer commented on this development: “The dress code has been issued only to promote a positive image of the educational institute and to maintain good moral, religious and cultural values.”

However, the violators of the notification will not be penalised. “The purpose of the newly dress code is to provide students professional training and that’s all,” he explained.

“The students of NTU have appreciated the dress code and vowed to follow it”, Tanveer added.