PESHAWAR – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman on Thursday advised US President Donald Trump to find a political solution in Afghanistan by engaging the country’s neighbours and negotiating with the Taliban rather than sending more troops to the war-torn country.

In an interview with CNN’s Hala Gorani, the PTI chief lashed out at Trump’s remarks and said that this should teach Pakistan “never to fight others wars for the lure of dollars.”

“We fought two wars in Afghanistan at the US behest, paying heavy human and economic costs both times. We sacrificed 70000 Pak lives in US’ war on terror. Our economy suffered over $100 billion in losses. In addition, there were intangible costs on our society. Time for Pak to say: Never again,” he said. “We must also reject being made scapegoats for the policy failures of the US and India,” Khan added.

The PTI chief asked the Trump administration how additional troops could fulfil their objectives when “the mightiest NATO forces” could not do so by “killing the enemy” in Afghanistan.

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“By joining the US War on Terror, we lost some 70,000 people. Eighty per cent of the tribal people were rendered homeless and suddenly we have to hear this,” Imran said.

Asked if Trump stopped civil and military aid to Pakistan, the PTI chief said it would be good for the country. “I’d recommend we could be better off without the aid as this aid has been very costly to us,” he said.