Top Pakistani diplomat in Australia summoned for ‘keeping domestic worker as slave’

  • Shahid Mahmood, 32, worked as an employee for Naela Chohan for about 19 months

ISLAMABAD – An Australian court on Monday summoned Pakistani High Commissioner Naela Chohan for her alleged exploitation of a domestic worker in Canberra.

The court formally issued summoned and directed the diplomat to appear in person.

The case made headlines in local and international media because domestic workers’ is exploitation considered a big crime in Australia, a source in foreign office Islamabad said.

Shahid Mahmood, a shy 32 years old Pakistani, worked as an employee for Naela Chohan for about 19 months.

According to Shahid, he was first made to sign a sham contract declaring that he would be paid $640 a week. The contract was signed in Pakistan and later approved by the Australian Foreign Affairs Department.

The man says he was forced to sleep in the basement. Also, he was “verbally abused and being taken work up to 19 hours a day,” the victim complained to the Australian authorities.

Dr Mohammad Faisal, the Foreign Office spokesperson has said that the foreign secretary had already also issued an order for conducting an inquiry into this matter.

He added that further action could be taken against Naela Chohan after completion of the report.

Interestingly, even if the allegations are proved correct, no action can be taken against the diplomat – thanks to international laws.