SIALKOT – A man, who shot dead another man in broad day light with a single bullet, was brutally beaten Saturday by an angry mob in Sialkot, Punjab.

A video, posted on social media, captured a group of people slapping and tying the man to a pole, where he was beaten by batons for more than half an hour.

The man, Chanda, who is a Shami Kabab seller, had been having some property dispute with a local family dealing in sweets. The man, who wanted to run a Kabab stall in main bazaar of Rangpura area of Sialkot city, had paid around Rs7 million to Roobi Sweets for a shop. However, according to locals, the man was never given the possession of the property; instead, he was implicated in different cases by the owners of Roobi Sweets.

On the day of unfortunate incident, Chanda came to know about an underhand deal between the Roobi Sweets owner and another man who wanted to set up a food stall at the same place.

Infuriated over the development, Chanda rushed to his home and showed up at Roobi Sweets shop with a pistol.

As he opened the fire, the bullet struck one of the men at the sweets shop. He was later identified as brother-in-law of the owner of Roobi Sweets.

He was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced as brought dead.

Soon after the shooting, Chanda was overpowered by people present on the scene and was given beating before he went unconscious.

During the whole episode, police and city administration remained off the scene. Hours later, the police reached the spot and took the man in custody.

The father of three, who lives in Bashir Wali Street in Rangpura area, was taken to Lahore for medical treatment. He received severe injuries on his head, backbone, arms and other parts of body.

Chanda’s wife is eight-month pregnant and was in a critical condition after hearing the news.

Police said they were investigating the case.