The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster has finally come to an end. Last week, the company called off the production of its new handset after claiming that the issue lies in the manufacturing component. Retailers and global partners have been asked to suspend the sales and the tech giant is now welcoming returns.

There is no other phone in the market that could have competed with Galaxy Note 7’s edgy display and high-end features but there are a few alternatives that match with price of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan on some levels. These handsets are worth checking out if you are not into buying huge smartphones.

Here are top 5 alternate phones to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that are perfect options for its replacement:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The best option for Galaxy Note 7’s alternate would be within the Samsung’s umbrella. Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – boasting a screen of 5.5 inches QHD AMOLED display, just a few inches smaller than Note 7. Both have the same in-house processors, the Exynos 8890 Snapdragon 820 processor. You can also count on an impressive 12MP rear snapper and 4GB of RAM.


Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price and specs in Pakistan has similar features and specs to the core of their hardware which comprises of fingerprint scanner, wireless charging and IP68 water resistance. With the recent software update, S7 has all the software features that are present in Galaxy Note 7.

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LG V20

The closest rival to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in terms of innovations is LG V20. The LG V20 price and specs in Pakistan  makes this phone bundled with a lot of innovative features, making it the best alternative. It is just a fraction larger than Galaxy Note 7 but definitely don’t feel the same without a glass back and curved display.



It is packed with the same screen size of 5.7 inch QHD LCD. Photography fans can enjoy a lot of options with its dual cameras of 16MP and 8MP. Engage yourself in a top notch audio experience that supersedes many other devices.

The build of LG V20 is not like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but it features military grade shock absorbency along with a removable battery. This alternate smartphone for Galaxy Note 7 will enjoy Nougat 7.1 software update whereas Note 7 was expected to run on Marshmallow for a while longer.

Google Pixel XL

The Google’s very own version of iPhone 7 is the new Google Pixel XL. Packed with impressive features, the new Google’s device is capable of matching the power of Note 7. It comprises of 4GB RAM and expendable storage of 128GB along with the latest Snapdragon 821 processor.


The screen size is 5.5 inch which is just a smidgen smaller than Galaxy Note 7. It also offers vibrant colors and details that match the line of Samsung’s smartphones along with advanced display technology.

Google Pixel XL price and specs in Pakistan – offers a great alternate for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as it has a great camera with better performance. Other features such as fingerprint scanners and fast charging makes Google Pixel XL feel like any other premium phone available in the smartphone market.

Some of the most highlighted features of Galaxy Note 7 are missing such as IRIS scanner, S pen, wireless charging and a low water resistance rate. However, with Google Assistant present in Pixel XL, it has some of its own unique features.

Motorola Z Force

While Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a perfect handset on its own, there is an option which can make you dwell into a pool of many possibilities. A more than an average smartphone, Moto Z comprises of a stylish design that keeps the look fresh and in style. The phone is packed with a battery that lasts longer than most smartphones in the market.


The combination of 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor is the same as Galaxy Note 7 which also gives a similar performance level. Moto Z Force price in Pakistan and specs are also quite close to Note 7 with a 5.5 inch QHD AMOLED display along with fingerprint scanner, USB Type C and quick charging.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5

One of the top 5 alternate phones for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is its predecessor Galaxy Note 5. The phone powers on Exynos 7420 which is a bit outdated for today’s flagship devices but still gives excellent performance.


The display package consists of a QHD AMOLED display screen and 14MP camera with outstanding image quality and 4GB RAM. On the downside, the phone lacks the option for expendable memory and IP water resistance. However, Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan are quite affordable and with Galaxy Note 5 is still a go-to smartphone choice for long term use with amazing specs.s