ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom Anusha Rehman Monday said the government was following the agenda to make Pakistan a progressive member of the growing global digital economy.

“For this purpose, we are continuously pooling in resources with the very responsive private sector to strengthen our digital foundation through effective public private partnerships,” she said while inaugurating the Mobilink Digital Innovation Lab.

The Digital Innovation Lab is an innovation center where key internal stakeholders, industry professionals, thought leaders and Digital Entrepreneurs can utilise Mobilink’s expertise to create and
explore innovative products and services in the Digital Space.

Rahman assured government’s support for all such initiatives. The minister said that “We appreciate the support being provided by our partners, such as Mobilink, to further Digital Pakistan agenda.

We are working to connect the unconnected on priority basis and all our endeavours with the industry are aligned to achieve our accelerated digitization objectives and for the revival of sustainable and inclusive growth, benefiting the citizens and overall economy”.

While appreciating the renewed focus of the mobile industry on incorporating digital citizen based services into the future business strategy, the minister said “The policy of MoIT fully aims at partnering with the industry players in bringing market innovation that impacts lives of our citizens delivering socio economic empowerment.”

President and Chief Executive Officer- Mobilink Jeffrey Hedberg said, “The success of any venture is linked to the socio economic success of the market place in which it operates. It is our priority to find ways to help drive an innovative, productive and high employment economy, where the communities of Pakistan can reap full benefits of our digitized services.”

“This Digital Innovation Lab will be the cornerstone of our initiatives to engage digital entrepreneurs and industry innovators, in whatever capacity required, to speed up the provision of high quality digital solutions to our customers across the communities of Pakistan.”

He further said, “The progress we have made in the direction of a digital revolution, in the past three years, could not have been possible without the continuous support of the Ministry of IT and the government.”

“New advancements in Digital Services open up limitless possibilities in mobile health, payments, education, security, IoT and M2M, while driving rapid economic growth and job creation”, Deputy CEO and CCO- Mobilink Aamir Ibrahim said,”The idea of having a Digital Innovation Lab is to provide easy access to Digital Innovators and Game Changers so they have a profound impact on the way people interact and engage online.