CUPERTINO – US tech giant Apple is reportedly launching a gold colour variant of iPhone X soon.

A filing from Apple at the Federal Communications Commission reveals images of a gold iPhone X that has yet to be rolled out.

The new colour edition photos were spotted in FCC documentation, however, after the 180-day confidentiality period ended, the Blush Gold colour phone has been revealed.

The lapse of confidentiality period has led to a clear view of an iPhone X with a glass backplate, featuring the same gold tone as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus released in September last year.

The new colour option for the iPhone X extends to the back, as well as the metal frame. The latter gets a mirror-like finish, in roughly the same shade of Gold.

There’s no other information available regarding price, availability and other features, however, the sleek design now adorned by the colour is sure to attract tech-savvy buffs.

Other reports also suggest that Apple’s future iPhone lineup will be available in Blush Gold as well.