LAHORE – SimSim app gives you total control over cashless transactions in Pakistan. You might have already been using several portals for different online transactions, but a new startup Finja has revolutionised the digital transactions in the country.

Through a mobile application named ‘SimSim’, the idea of mobile digital payment, has finally transcended from the drawing board to your mobile screen.

The million dollar question remains the same, what’s the gist of digital payment and SimSim?

In simple terms SimSim is a mobile wallet that lets you roam around in the city seamlessly without the fear of losing your money or paying cash.

It gives you total control of your branchless banking wallet and make real-time payments through multiple payment methods. It’s actually a wallet but in digital form that relieves you from the hassle of going anywhere for multiple activities starting from mobile top-ups to utility bills payment.

How to use SimSim app?

Click on the ‘Create Your SimSim Wallet’ button and enter your CNIC, Mobile Number, and carrier and click on ‘Submit.’

On the next screen, enter your name, mother’s name and the city of birth and click ‘Submit’ again.

Read the terms and conditions, once you’re done click ‘Accept.’ You’ll see a screen which will tell you the time taken to create your wallet.

Click on ‘Next.’ On the next screen, fill in the form by selecting your desired first name, father’s name, mailing address, and email ID.

Click ‘Submit’ when done. You’ll be prompted to enter the OTP (verification number) sent to your mobile phone.

Enter the OTP and click ‘Submit.’ Your account has now been verified!

On the next screen enter a 4-digit pin. After adding a profile picture click next and you will have reached your SimSim Wallet’s ‘Home’ Screen.

Hold your horses as the revolutionary application is not confined to these functions.

Online Payment at Restaurants

Imagine sitting at a restaurant and having no wallet in your pocket. Don’t worry, it’s better not to carry wallet amid security concerns.

Just carry your smartphone equipped with SimSim and pay through it via scanning restaurant’s bar code.

Those who enjoyed the sumptuous food at the recently held Lahore Eat festival enjoyed the liberty of digital payment through SimSim and surprisingly availed a mammoth 40 per cent discount through it.

SimSim parent firm Finja disclosed that around 6000 people harnessed its application at the festival.

Transferring and Requesting Funds

You can also transfer funds to any other SimSim user without bothering about sending cash or moving physically.

To transfer funds, on the Home screen click on ‘Send Money’ and select ‘Sim Sim’.

Enter the SimSim Wallet number i.e. the receiver’s phone number and confirm funds transfer. The next screen will show the transaction has been successful and the sent amount will appear on the receiver’s home screen. 

If it doesn’t show please log out and log in again.

To request for money, click on the ‘Request Money’ tab and enter mobile number of the person you want to request money from. Also, enter the amount requested. The other person’s screen will see a small yellowish circle on the ‘Request Money’ tab.

The other person will then click on it and select ‘Pay’ or ‘Reject’ to send or not send the requested amount.

SimSim is a once click solution to your daily woes regarding transactions and payments and it is absolutely free.

Another advantage of the application is the fact that it is very swift. Have you ever imagined paying your utility bill in mere 10 seconds. Yes SimSim has made that dream a reality.

The current version of SimSim can be installed from Google Playstore and App Store for Android and iPhone platforms.

Just spend a minute, install the application, recharge your balance through any UBL Omni or Finca bank and adopt the change.