LAHORE (Staff Report) – Huawei has officially launched Honor 7, which is undoubtedly a perfect fall gift from Huawei for its customers in Pakistan.

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Honor 7 is an exceptionally great smartphone to look at and the exquisite metallic body, gives it, an out of the world feel. Like other Huawei smartphones, the Honor 7 has been crafted with elegance and perfection.

This smartphone does not only look good, but it also carries a plethora of latest technologies. Honor 7 would now be available on all authorised mobile shops across the country at an exceptional price of Rs45,499 with an amazing Zong offer, which would give Honor 7 customers 6 whole months of free 6GB data.

Huawei’s marketing Head, Mr Fraz M Khan said: “Honor 7, like its predecessor is a premium smart phone, which has been masterly crafted and equipped with ultimate features like its fantastic camera and foolproof fingerprint scanner.

“The year 2015 has been a year full of surprises and fortunate success stories for Huawei. This year we have broken barriers of triumph and set new records in the sales market and the launch of Honor 7 would certainly add significantly to the Huawei sales in Pakistan.”

Huawei has fitted in a humungous 20MP rear camera and 8MP front camera in Honor 7 accompanied by the cool features like, Light painting, time lapse, beautification mode, and perfect Selfie etc.

The enhanced and modern finger scanner in Honor 7 has been manufactured to give foolproof performance and speedy functioning.

The giant size battery, i.e. 3100 mAh of Honor 7 would keep the device running for long hours so that the user can fully experience all the above mentioned exciting features of the Huawei’s honored smart phone, Honor 7.

Honor 7, a fine gadget, would certainly add to the honor of Huawei because of its richly metallic and lustrously royal look. The 5.2” display of this device, with improved touch, knuckle sense technology and magnificent, colorful screen, would offer to its user a dynamic, bright and vivid experience.

The company adequately incorporated this smartphone with up to date Android 5.0 operating system and Huawei’s very own smart 3.1 EMUI. The fast performance of, 935 Kirin 2.2 GHz, Octa core processor with an optimum storage capacity of 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM, Honor 7 would sell like hot cakes in the smart phone market.