PESHAWAR – The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has successfully launched e-bidding system on Wednesday.

The first e-tender was awarded via this system at town-I Peshawar.

There was a healthy competition amongst the contractors. A computer awarded contracts to lowest bidders automatically in front of all contractors or their nominees.

A Higher Resolution Screen was installed at Town-I office where all proceedings were in front of all stakeholders. High-level officers of the Local Council Board, IT Cell LGE&RDD, Nazim concerned, town members and other staff of the Town-I was available on the spot and witnessed the new enhanced system.

It is worthy to mention here that e-bidding system has been launched by present provincial government to bring transparency and fairness in contracts awarding process.

The system has eliminated ring system, alterations of bidding documents, blockage of fake/blacklisted contractors, real-time processing of works, work orders computerization and centralised data repository to be viewed by all contractors across the country.

All of the processes will be available on the central website of the department.

More than a hundred bids were received by Town-I against five developmental works. All of the contractors submitted electronic bids.

Computer software generated automatic comparative statements for all bidders and awarded the contracts to lowest successful bidders. Contractors showed happiness and willingness to the system being capable of removing all bottlenecks present in the previous systems.

Each and every activity was available on specially arranged big screens and smartphones.