The new Xbox One X is without a doubt the most powerful console yet. The idea behind its creation was to bring a true 4k gaming console to the enthusiasts. Not only does it boast 4k resolution, one’s also getting detailed 4k textures.

For those who don’t own a 4k TV, a feature called super sampling will allow for all the new games to still look amazing on 1080p because 4k gaming could only be possible through improvement in the spec sheet.

The Xbox One X now has 6 teraflops of power and 12 gigs of GDDR5 ram. Also added to it is a faster hard drive to run games much faster. For instance, if an Xbox One game had low frame rate or had dynamic resolution scaling, all that has been cranked all the way up with the Xbox One X. There is a subtle reduction in size as well but the console has gotten heavier by 0.9 KG (2 pounds). The IO (Input/output) is same as the previous generation i.e. power port, 2 HDMI ports, 3 USB 3.0 ports, IR out, S/PDIF and an Ethernet port. Several customers wanted its Black version, the company listened in, and the Xbox one x is now available in black (only).

Despite its miniature size, the console has built-in vapor chamber for liquid cooling and a centrifical fan, which will allow the machine to not overheat quickly, if not at all, owing to the machine’s enormous power. Such type of cooling is usually available in graphics cards like the Nvidia GTX 1080ti. In simpler words, to handle all the power and heat generated as a result, tubes of running water have been installed inside the device. Water-cooling is rare and expensive to put especially at the scale of Xbox One X. The console also has HDR a super-wide color gamut, 4k HD blue ray playback and even Dolby atmos for some games. Xbox also announced backwards compatibility for previous consoles as well. For ventilation, the intakes are from the sides and the exhaust is on the back. This has the added benefit of putting things on top of the console without it overheating.

Upgrading is easier than ever. All the Xbox One X games and the Xbox 360 backwards compatible tittles will all be playable on the Xbox one x. It’s safe to say that one can sell their previous Xbox device and keep the controllers as the older generation controllers are compatible with the One X.

There were some great games announced; 42 were confirmed for the Xbox One X and 22 being console exclusive. About 30 games will be receiving updates to support true 4k resolution. The PS 4 pro is undoubtedly a very powerful console, but very few games run at 4k. They usually rely on up-scaling and features like checker boarding which gets close to 4k, but with the one x, there is the extra power to make sure that all games will run on true 4k. Some of the major games are Forza 7, Anton and the dragon ball z fighter. There are also some awaited surprises, such as player unknown, which is an extremely popular game on PC and minecraft is also getting a high resolution texture pack to support 4k. All other games announced at E3 are mentioned here.

The Xbox One X will be available from November 7 for $499. Most enthusiasts would still prefer the Play Station over the Xbox because of their massive game library and a $100 lower price tag. The optics suggest that the Xbox One X deserves a chance. Being the most expensive console yet, though with the amazing specs and the beautiful 4k 60fps resolution, it is completely justified. I’d say that because it is a very difficult task to allow 4k on a console, building an equivalent PC is probably going to be quite difficult which brings to its slight criticism. I wish it ran Windows 10. The Xbox One X does run on Windows 10, just with a different UI on top, but that is nowhere near actual windows.

I understand that Microsoft does not want to sell games on steam but I can’t help imagine if the One X would have been a $500 gaming PC instead of a console. In a nutshell, the One X leaves little space for Xbox One. Cannibalism in technology sector is a norm instead of a vice.