‘Beautiful’ British boy commits suicide after being bullied for looks

  • Brandon Singh was bullied for being too 'good looking'

ENGLAND – A handsome British teenager commited suicide after being bullied by fellows in Leicester England, sparking outrage among family members.

Brandon Singh, 15 hanged himself in his bedroom after getting harassed by other boys who called him ‘paedophile’.

Brandon’s parents, Mina and Raj Rayat, vowed to get justice for their son who received messages from a social media account in the name of Jimmy Saville, which included threats about raping his mother.

Brandon was under physical and mental torture from a year and he was unable to attend school, refusing to leave home to avoid his bullies.

His mother left her job as a hair dresser to support Brandon, who was going through trauma.

“The bullies got in his head and sucked the life out of him, it just wasn’t Brandon. He was a handsome boy and a lot of girls took a shine to him as he got older. I think the bullies were jealous of that. He even shaved his hair off so he could be like them he just wanted to be accepted,” Mother said

Mina continued that his son wanted to become a doctor and had planned his whole life but the boys totally destroyed his life.

“He used to love to go school but when the bullying started he refused to go school and he was asking his parents to change countries so that he would never have to see them.”

The mother added that one day Brandon came to her saying “I want to die, I want to die”  following which she made an appointment with a GP (general practitioner).

He then had 11 appointments at Child Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) after his parents’ pleas who earlier refused to admit him saying, it would only increase his anxiety levels.

The CAMHS has formed an outreach crisis team so that mental health experts are able to treat children in their homes.