Be it anday wala burger, bik gayi hay gormint or an innocent mistake of saying “we are proud of you,” the Internet is a cruel and unforgiving place that eternizes all such memes.

A video of a man beating Waqar Zaka, renowned Pakistani celebrity outside a café in Clifton, Karachi went viral on the Internet.

Zaka, in the video, was heard to be saying, “Boss, mene apko bola kia hai?”, asking the man what he has done to deserve this treatment from him.

And this was enough for netizens to exhibit their trolling skills. The video went viral and the memes war began. The phrase “Boss, mene apko bola kia hai?” didn’t remain limited to random social media users but also obtained endorsement from some music bands.

A rap song has also used the phrase and is going viral on the internet.

Here is how other people on social media utilised the phrase and trolled Zaka:.

An online shopping outlet even introduced shirts bearing the same phrase: