A teenage gunman has been identified following the shooting at an elementary school in Townville, South Carolina 2 days back, according to sources.

The 14-year-old ‘expelled’ middle school child Jesse Osborne was responsible for the shooting, as well as the murder of his father, claim sources.

The teen was taken into custody after he shot two children and a teacher, leaving them injured.

Osborne had been expelled in 2015 from West Oak Middle School for bringing a machete and hatchet to class after being bullied for his size.

He will be appearing in court on September 30, today, to face the allegations of murdering his father.

The terrifying scene unfolded when Jesse pulled up to the school and opened fire before being tackled by a heroic local firefighter who detained him until police arrived, according to DailyMail.

Facebook photos show Jesse had been using guns for quite some time and had access to the weapons.