LAS VEGAS (Web Desk) – If your fiance proposed to you with a ‘wise and toothy’ ring, would you accept? Well, this woman did after she was given an engagement ring that featured her partner’s wisdom tooth at the centre, instead of a stone.

Meet Carlee Leifkes and Lucas Unger. The two got engaged on Halloween in California. Unger got down on one knee and popped the big question with an engagement ring not made out of diamonds, but rather, a ring made from one of his wisdom teeth!


“Diamonds are overrated,” Leifkes told ABC News today. “We’re a very non-traditional couple, and we like to have fun. The tooth symbolizes the weird, quirky, odd couple we are. Every tooth is different, and the tooth also shows what my husband’s willing to go through for me. Lucas literally grew this and went through pain when he got it removed, and all that went into my wedding ring.”

The couple said they had both came up with the idea for the ring a few weeks prior to the official proposal in front of Leifke’s family and friends.


George Boshaura of Bridwell Diamonds and Jewelry in downtown Los Angeles made the ring.

“This was the first time in my 30-year career that I made a wedding ring out of a wisdom tooth,” Boshaura said, adding that “designing it was very exciting.”


The actual proposal and presentation of the ring was still a surprise. Unger blindfolded Leifkes when they went to pick up the ring on Halloween, and Unger pretended he didn’t want to bring the ring to the Halloween party Leifke’s family was hosting.

“It was funny because I was upset because I really wanted to show my family the ring at the party, and there I am moping around when Lucas gets down on one knee,” Leifkes said. “It was perfect.”


The two said they’re walking down the aisle in Las Vegas on November 21.