WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – 18-year-old David Dworken, who graduated from high school on Monday, was honored by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter at the Pentagon on Friday.

This happened at the “Hack the Pentagon” event, the first “bug bounty” in the history of the federal government, which attracted 1,410 computer-savvy Americans, according to the Defense Department.

The event invited hackers to find flaws in five public websites, including

The program cost $150,000, with about half of that going to the hackers.

Taking part in the challenge, David and Craig Arendt, 35, were two of the 1,410 hackers who responded to the competition and pointed out the vulnerabilities in U.S. Defense Department websites.

Dworken, who graduated on Monday from Maret high school in Washington, D.C, said he reported six vulnerabilities after a painstakingly lengthy effort of 15 hours.