SHANGHAI – It is no secret that a lot of men hate going on long shopping sprees with their wives or girlfriends. Even if they don’t hate it they get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping, as a recent study suggest.

So one Chinese mall has come up with the “husband nursery”, a special place where guys can kick back and relax while their better halves shop till they drop.

Just as mothers drop their young kids at the nursery to be looked after while they tend to their daily business, so to can wives and girlfriends leave their male partners at the husband nursery located on the third floor of the newly-opened Vanke Mall in the Minhang district of Shanghai.


In this special room, men can kill time by watching TV, reading magazines, sitting in a massage chair or taking a nap in of the comfortable armchairs.


The husband nursery has the advantage of being absolutely free. And since it’s aimed exclusively at husbands who hate long shopping sprees with their wives, it gives visitors to socialize and cry on each others’ shoulders.


However, it’s not clear if the husband nursery has Wi-Fi or if the television has cable or simply shows a loop of products available in the mall, but it has definitely been drawing a lot of attention online.


A UK survey found that the average man gets bored after 26 minutes of shopping and that 80% of guys hate shopping with their partners, with 45% of them avoiding it at all costs.