ROME (Web Desk) – Three elderly women from a village in the Italian Alps have returned home after their first holiday – which for most of them was the first time they had seen the sea, let alone put a toe in it.

The women had never left the valley surrounding their village, until they set off on the 12-hour coach trip to the Croatian island of Ugljan, reported BBC.

They played in the water and jumped in the sea.


“As I saw the sea, the first thing I wanted to do was to put my foot in the water,” says Iolanda Pellizzari, who at 73 was one of the youngest on the trip. “I’m not able to swim, but I felt a great sense of liberation.”

“Despite the infirmities of age, swollen legs and the great heat, we will never forget the thrill of getting all together in the sea, holding hands,” says Armida Brisaghella.