MIAMI (Web Desk) – Earlier this month, a pretty heart-wrenching story of two former classmates meeting in court went viral on the internet, when US Judge Mindy Glazer recognised a defendant as a former classmate. Well she’s done it again.

Judge Glazer was presiding over the bond hearing of her childhood classmate, Arthur Booth, who was standing trial for felony burglary charges. Before handing down her decision, Judge Glazer was sure to mention that Booth was a very nice kid growing up, even recalling playing nice games of football with the defendant.


Well, Glazer reconnected with someone yet again in her courtroom this week, this time, someone from her much more recent past, the Metro News reported.

Over the weekend, Glazer was apparently on a cruise, which is where she ran into Alon Devante Glenn, dancing, having the time of his life.

He was arrested on his return to PortMiami on an out-of-state warrant for fraud charges in Georgia.

Glazer said she remembers seeing the 21-year-old dancing aboard the ship.

“Did you have a nice cruise?” starts Glazer, speaking to Glenn who was initially at a loss for words. When it finally dawns on him that he shared an aquatic weekend with the judge standing before him, Glenna appears to have a mixture of emotions, ranging from embarrassed to shock.