XIAMEN (Web Desk) – A woman in China’s southeast coastal city of Xiamen has been detained after smashing her Land Rover into a Jaguar six times.

While such incidents are not uncommon in China, the woman’s road rage was cheered on by dozens of passersby, something not witnessed often.

The issue between the two drivers was of personal nature, as the driver of the Land Rover apparently rammed into the Jaguar because of a financial dispute relating to a fraud case between her mother and the Jaguar’s owner, the NetEase reported.

Also, the fact that the Jaguar owner had left his car intentionally parked on the street, blocking the Land Rover from getting out didn’t help matters.


Fed up with waiting for the Jag owner to return, the woman took out her frustration on the man’s car. She smashed her luxury ride into the Jaguar six times, and pedestrians on the street helpfully directed her, showing her where exactly to smash for maximum impact and urging her to “smash harder!”


A policeman is also seen in the video, posing as a silent spectator.

If you can afford a Jag or Land Rover, you guys should think of another less costly method of resolving your dispute!