LONDON (Web Desk) – A woman has designed ‘travel bra’ that holds cash, passport, credit cards and hotel room key.

Annie Holden’s work as an anthropologist has taken her to remote areas of the world, areas where it is not safe to leave your passport behind.

She would dutifully tuck her important documents in to a travel belt, but the impractical design left her wanting something better.

Having previously found it easy to slip cash or a lipstick in to the cups of her bra, Dr Holden developed a purpose built undergarment that held not just cash, but a woman’s passport, credit cards or jewellery.

The Travel Bra is made of a number of secret pockets and a drop down pouch to hold your passport, and Dr Holden told Daily Mail Australia it is perfect for women looking to discreetly carry valuables abroad.
‘People really responding to it are young backpackers … the solo female traveller is the fasted growing segment of the travel industry,’ she said.

‘I myself have been pick-pocketed in Paris, it’s just a handy sort of thing.
‘As a mother if my daughter was going overseas I might give it to her and she would say she won’t need that, but end up using it.
‘For people who are concerned about safety it doesn’t do any harm to take precautions.’

Dr Holden worked alongside a lingerie designer who has 18 years’ experience in the industry to ensure The Travel Bra was not only practical, but comfortable as well.

They used a blend of cotton and bamboo fabric that made the undergarment anti-microbacterial.

‘It’s really breathable, washable, and comfortable enough that if you had to sleep in it for a few days you could,’ Dr Holden said.

The comfortable design has no eye or hook that could dig in to your back while seated, wide shoulder traps, soft binding and no irritating labels.

Dr Holden is currently raising funds for The Travel Bra on Kickstarter to make the product readily available for consumers.