KABUL –  At least eight people were killed while 25 others were left injured on Wednesday in a bomb attack on a convoy of armoured personnel carriers used by the NATO-led forces in Kabul.

Interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish confirmed the toll from the attack, which came during the busy morning rush hour adding that most of the victims were civilians

“We are still checking the nature of the explosion, but I confirm a convoy of foreign forces was passing by when the explosion happened,” he added.

Eye witnessed claimed that a white vehicle exploded as the convoy drove by. However, it was not immediately clear if it was a car bomb or a suicide attack.

Afghan Taliban launch Spring Offensive ‘Mansouri’ as the Afghan Great Game gets more complex

The deadly attack came days after Afghan Taliban announced launching their spring offensive named ‘Operation Mansouri’ aimed at targeting foreign forces but no group claimed responsibility for the Kabul attack as yet.

It bears mentioning that Pakistan’s neighbour Afghanistan is still reeling from an attack at Mazar-e- Sharif military base that killed around 140 soldiers following which the Afghan Army chief and defence minister tendered resignations.