KABUL (Web Desk) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has said his country is in the state of “undeclared war” with Pakistan.

“For fourteen years we have been in an undeclared war with Pakistan and we want to end this war with your help as peace will not come only through foreign negotiations,” he told the visitors at Presidential Palace for Eid greetings.

The president was addressing prominent figures and elders of the Greater Kandahar, Greater Paktya and Greater Mashriqi regions, and felicitated them on “Eid-Al-Adha,” the Pakistan Observer reported.

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Although Mr Ghani insists Afghanistan is in the state of undeclared war; however, Pakistani officials do not agree with his notion.

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President Ghani’s remarks focused on peace but he has yet to spell out a policy how to reach out to the Taliban who have ruled talks to what they believe a “powerless Kabul’s administration.”

In August the Afghan president announced he would no more seek Pakistan’s help in the peace process with the Taliban.

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“Peace is our basic demand and we shall get to our demand with the help of people. Our peace efforts have been successful on the regional and global level since we have attained their conviction and trust,” Mr Ghani said in a statement that was posted online.

“We have a rich country and poor people, but with the establishment of peace, we can utilise the available means and resources for the well being of our people and development of our country.”