WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – While it remains a well known fact that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on common citizens including several country heads, a latest report of the Wall Street Journal has revealed that Washington listened to the communications of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as well in order to ensure that US-Iran nuclear deal is successfully approved by the Congress.


The report which carried interviews of top US intelligence and administrative officials confirmed that NSA was allowed to spy on connections between several members of Congress and Netanyahu on the orders of President Barack Obama, who himself promised to curtail surveillance programme of NSA two years ago.

“Obama administration considered Netanyahu a direct threat to the nuclear deal which was tabled in the Congress for final approval,” an unnamed intelligence official has been quoted as saying.

Israel’s communication with several congressmen and Jewish-American lobby disclosed that Tel Aviv was attempting to topple the deal any moment to keep Tehran under economic sanctions considering it a threat like always, the report added.

The whole process was purely aimed at serving the American national interest and countering Israel’s attempts to damage the US-Iran deal, an official justified the surveillance of communication between lawmakers and Netanyahu.