KABUL (Staff Report) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Monday announced a strict action against Taliban for spilling blood of Afghan forces and civilians, further adding that his government will execute all detained militants.

Addressing in Afghan Parliament after last week’s deadly bombing in Kabul which claimed 24 lives and injured over 400 people, Ghani said that he does not expect Pakistan to bring Taliban to table for peace talks.

Instead, he urged Islamabad to crush Taliban militants, alleging that Taliban fighters are using Pakistani soil to plan and execute terrorist attack in Afghanistan. Taliban insurgents will suffer in battlefield and eventually request for peace talks, he went on to say.

He threatened if Pakistan failed to fulfill its promises to crush Taliban as decided in quadrilateral meeting, Afghanistan will move US Security Council over this issue.

He said that government has prepared a 5-year war strategy that will be finalized at the Warsaw Summit in July this year.

On the occasion Ashraf Ghani also presented religious justifications from Quran to defend the fight against Taliban and discourage rebellion against his government.