LAHORE – Indian military Thursday issued a statement to appease the hyper-patriots who desperately wanted them do something against Pakistan. The statement claimed that Indian commandos have conducted a surgical strike some 3km inside Pakistan along the Line of Control (LoC) and destroyed the launch pads of terrorists.

Although, India fully failed to convince the world to believe in the claim, it did succeed to neutralize the desperation of jingoists.

Following the breaking news on the Indian statement, #SurgicalStrike became trending topic on Twitter where Indians expressed their happiness in their own style.

Here they come, immediately after the Indian DGMO’s press conference

And this

And then came this

This was for the destroyed “Lanch pads”

Right time to justify the politcal appointment as well

Just to make sure that surgical was conducted across the “Lion of Control”

Still high on Bollywood –only place where Indian troops perform the best

This seems to be a ‘real’surgical strike now –in quite a Bollywood style