India’s shock loss to Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final overnight has seen several Indian cricket players under vicious attack with Indian media throwing hyperbolic attacks at the team in different ways.

While some TV anchors went on air for hours and threw words of condemnation for the national cricket team for not emulating the hockey team by paying tribute to India’s ‘martyrs’ allegedly killed by the Kashmiri ‘militants’, some TV shows discussed the probability of match-fixing behind the loss.

Times Now’s anchor Arnab Goswami went further with his rhetorically overblown allegations and pedantically questioned why the India’s cricket team did not choose to pay tribute to ‘martyrs’ and wore a black ribbon in their solidarity.

Though Hardik Pandya refrained from answering the question, Arnab Goswami continued with his jingoistic allegations doubting the patriotism of players and cricket board.

The controversy came barely two days after Pakistani former Test star Aamir Sohail indirectly accused the CT teams of match fixing in Pakistan’s favour after defeating England to make the semi-final in Cardiff.

International Bollywood celebrity Kamaal Rashid Khan also took to Twitter in the aftermath with claims India threw the match on purpose, accusing them of “playing by the script.”

The movie star was particularly critical of Kohli after the Indian skipper was dismissed for just 5.

Twitter was also ablaze with allegations and claims of match fixing:

Not only did the media unleash vicious rants against the team, common Indians also couldn’t swallow team India’s defeat to Pakistan.

Furious Indian cricket fans stormed the house of Mahendra Singh Dhoni to protest what they called ’embarrassing defeat’.

Security personnel were deployed outside MS Dhoni’s Jharkhand home, fearing violence by disgruntled fans.

A crowd of people in Kanpur and Haridwar staged a protest against the Indian cricket team after they faced a humiliating defeat from Pakistan in the Champions Trophy 2017. People burnt up the posters of Indian players and broke TV sets on the roads.