NEW DELHI (News Desk) – India’s prominent educational institute Jawaharlal Nehru University, where a group of students was charged with sedition for chanting anti-India slogans, is once again making headlines in Indian media as a new video of JNU professor showing her as saying “India is illegally occupying Kashmir” went viral this week.

The video aired by different Indian TV channels shows Professor Nivedita Menon addressing a student gathering at university premises on February 22, the time when JNU students were in police custody over sedition charges. The video was uploaded on YouTube on February 27.

Nivedita Menon said that Indian maps published in international magazines such as Times and Newsweek are different from those in the text books. The Whole world views Kashmir as a disputed territory and chanting the slogans of independence in valley are completely justified, she further added.

She went on to say that foreign magazines are condemned for publishing a different map of India and their copies are burnt in protest but the world continue to talk about India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir.

The content of video yet remains to be verified as true but still it has sparked considerable anger among Indian nationalist circles. The BJP backed student wing of JNU has strongly condemned the video’s contents in a statement.