Muslim girl assaulted outside U.S. mosque found dead in Virginia

  • Muslim girl got into dispute with a man outside mosque
  • The girl went missing as her friends dispersed
  • Dead body of Nabra was found in a pool
  • Youth arrested on suspicion

VIRGINIA – A 17-year-old American Muslim girl who was beaten and abducted after leaving a mosque in Virginia on Sunday was found dead in a pond hours later.

According to Fairfax County Police Department, Nabra along with her friends were walking outside the mosque on Sunday when they got into a dispute with a motorist in the community of Sterling.

At one point, the motorist got out of his car and assaulted the girl, police said.

The teen was reported missing by her friends who dispersed during the attack and could not find her afterwards. As soon as the incident was reported, police found the dead body of girl dumped in a pool, two to three miles away from the original altercation spot stirring outrage among the Muslim community already braving a spree of racist attacks since Trump took office.

The police department launched investigations into the murder and arrested a 22-years-old Darwin Martinez Torres “driving suspiciously in the area”.

Moreover, police obtained a murder warrant that charges Torres for her death, the Fairfax County Police Department said.

A police spokeswoman told newsmen the attack followed some sort of skirmish between the man and the girls, and authorities had not ruled out hate as a motivation for the attack.

A launchgood page has also been set up to help the family of Nabra and those willing to donate can navigate to the link.

It bears mentioning that the racially motivated attacks against Muslims ballooned after tycoon-turned president Donald Trump entered Oval office. According to estimates by American-Islamic Relations advocacy group, the number of anti-Muslim bias incidents in the United States jumped 57 per cent in 2016 to 2,213, up from 1,409 in 2015.