YANGON – The government of Myanmar has refused the United Nations decision to investigate alleged human rights violations in the country’s western Rakhine State, official media reports stated on Saturday.

According to, the UN Human Rights Council on Friday decided to send an international fact-finding mission to the southeast Asian country to establish “the facts and circumstances” of the alleged “violations by military and security forces, and abuses” against Rohingya Muslims in particular.

The state-run newspapers on Saturday published a statement of the Foreign Ministry saying the establishment of the mission would make the situation more worst instead of resolving the issue.

The government also said it would make a strategy for quick implementation of the interim recommendations made by the former UN chief Kofi Annan-led Advisory Commission on Rakhine State last week.

The UN and international rights groups have been calling on the Myanmar government for a credible international investigation, saying rights violations against the Rohingya Muslims in northern part of Rakhine may amount to crimes against humanity.