Indian Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj’s recent re-tweet to a Pakistani girl who was part of a delegation of 20 students from Pakistan who arrived in Chandigarh for the 11th Global Youth Peace Festival has went viral for some bizarre reasons.

Overlooking the fact that Sushma has been very vocal against Pakistan and has been campaigning very vehemently to quell Kashmiri freedom struggle, some people are almost venerating Sushma for her message of “peace” and “love”.

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Since the warmongering and inflammatory threats from India were on their peak, Sushma Swaraj’s peaceful and humanitarian deed basically consists of letting innocent Pakistani girls return safely to Pakistan.

The girls were only part of the International event, exaggerating their safe return is giving an impression that the girls didn’t return from Chandigarh but some war zone where they would’ve been considered fair target and have been given a huge favor by allowing them to return safely.

Aliya Harir, leader of the contingent and convenor of Indo-Pak friendship initiative titled Aaghaz-E-Dosti, reportedly expressed her safety concerns to the Minister amid the heightened tensions.

According to Aliya, the relatives and family back at home were feeling very paranoid about the girls’ safety in the country that has been continuously threatening Pakistan and Pakistani artistes living in India.

“There is talk of war and tension, but we wanted to come here. Our families were shocked, scared. Friends even said ‘tell us your last wish’. I told them to turn the TV off and let us go,” Roohani Barkal, one of the girls, told Hindustan Times. Parents of some of the girls even told them that they won’t return alive.

Why would allowing innocent girls to leave India unscathed be considered a pinnacle of nobility? Is the question that actually discloses the fact that India crossed all its limits in warmongering and spreading a sense of terror and insecurity.

kyonki betiyan to sabki sanjhi hoti hain” (Because one’s daughter is everyone’s) tweeted Sushma.

All major Pakistani and Indian newspaper appreciated Sushma Swaraj for this great ‘gesture’ on her part, some went as far as calling her a great humanitarian.

It is amazing that things have reached such a low point that ensuring the safety of the innocent has become an incredible newsworthy feat somehow.