Emergence of such cases are now an everyday story in Emirates


Dubai- An Indian man based in Dubai is now facing charges as he was accused of harassing a six year old boy outside a mosque. This incident was reported by the victim’s father on December 8,2017.

According to the public records the man was accused of touching a six year old boy inappropriately twice while he was waiting for his father outside the mosque.

In the statement Egyptian father based in Dubai, an engineer stated;

“I went with my sons for Friday prayer. When I walked out of the mosque, I saw a man touching my son. I approached him and asked him about what he did. He said he was only playing with him. I scolded him and told him to leave immediately.”

The father of the victim also explained how this has happened before even by the same man and how the victim was afraid to share this information with his father but he confided in his mother.

However the accused denied all such accusations , police officers detained the defendant.

Another eyewitness , brother of the victim confirmed how the abuser grabbed his brother by the waist and touched him inappropriately.

“The cleaner said he met the boy and talked to him about his age and school. The boy’s father then came and asked him about the reason he was standing with his son and told him to leave,” a police officer said

Dubai police is actively trying to spread the word through social media so people are not only aware but their kids are even educated on the matter.

In a campaign, officials launched kid-friendly videos which target kids at educating children about sexual abuse, guiding them on how to deal with strangers in public areas.