HUAUCHINANGO (Web Desk) – Hundreds of soldiers and rescue workers searched for the missing after the remnants of Tropical Storm Earl triggered landslides in central Mexico that killed at least 45 people.

Slogging through mud that was sometimes up to their knees, emergency teams used sniffer dogs to get more bodies in the rubble and made to dig damaged homes out of the slime.

The hardest hit was the primal state of Puebla, where 32 people died, including at least 15 minors, as landslides buried several homes in the state’s northern mountains, said governor Rafael Moreno Valle.

Officials did not say how many people were missing. There were about 600 soldiers and rescue workers out searching.

Another 13 died in similar circumstances or washed away in the floodwaters in the eastern state of Veracruz, officials added.