ANKARA (Web Desk) – Turkish foreign ministry summoned Russian ambassador to Ankara late Friday over Russia’s SU-34 violation of Turkey’s airspace, Turkish foreign ministry said on Satruday.

“Turkish air elements warned the aircraft of Russian Federation several times on Friday in Russian and English, xinhuanet reported.

The Turkish foreign ministry has urged Russia “not to violate Turkish airspace, which is NATO airspace. We underline that such actions could lead to serious consequence,” said the statement.

“We once more underline that unwanted serious developments as outcome of this kind of irresponsible acts will be on Russian Federation’s liability,” added the statement.

The ministry said all these arguments were conveyed to the Russian ambassador.

Turkish air force shot down the Russian jet on Nov. 24 claiming it has violated Turkish airspace, whereas Moscow insisted the Su-24 stayed over Syria during its flight.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded an apology from the Turkish leadership and a compensation for the damage. Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered economic sanctions against Turkey. Enditem