WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – Republican presidential contestant Donald Trump has won crucial New York primary polls with a landmark lead over opponents Ted Cruz and John Kasich, while in the Democrat camp Hillary Clinton remained winner dumping Bernie Sanders’ last hope to earn party’s nomination in forthcoming US presidential elections.

According to media reports, Trump bagged 60.5% votes while Kasich was second with 25% and Cruz third with 14.5% votes. As per Republican party’s delegation division Trump took 89 delegates out of total 95. Three delegates were allocated to John Kasich.


Meanwhile Hillary Clinton, who got 57.9% votes, won 139 delegates out of total 247. Bernie Sanders managed to gain 108 delegates and around 42% votes.


A Republican candidates requires to win 1,237 delegates to earn nomination. Results of so far held primaries suggest that Trump holds 847 delegates, Ted Cruz has 553 and John Kasich carries 148.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton has 1,930 delegates, including 1,443 pledged delegates and 487 superdelegates. She is followed by Bernie Sanders with 1,223 delegates, including 1,183 pledged delegates and 40 superdelegates. A Democratic candidate requires 2,383 delegates to get nomination for presidential elections.


Following the New York primary, observers see a very thin chance for Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz to earn presidential nominations, and it is now pretty obvious that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off each other in the US presidential polls on November 8 this year.