WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – As the race to earn nomination for US presidential polls has entered into a decisive phase, Republican contestant Donald Trump has won another five states while Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton took four states out of five where primary polls were held on Tuesday.

According to US media, Trump swept Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island with clear majority, while John Kasich and Ted Cruz badly failed to halt his journey.

On the other hand, Hillary clinched victories in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut. Democrat contender Bernie Sanders earned sole victory in Rhode Island.

Following the latest results, it is almost final that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off each other in the US Presidential Polls 2016 scheduled on November 8.


Addressing a gathering after huge victories, Donald Trump said that this was the biggest night for him and that he now considers himself the presumptive nominee for presidential polls.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton vowed to unify the Democrats to win Presidential Polls 2016 in her victory speech, further adding that she is hopeful to get the most votes and the most pledged delegates for nomination.

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