UTTAR PRADESH (Staff Report) – An Indian woman tried several times to kill her 70 years old mother-in-law.

The footage shows that Sangeeta Jain, a resident of Nehtaur attacked her helpless sick mother-in-law with stone and rope, she soaps her and then drags her down the bed, Kundan Srivastava posted on social media.

The CCTV footage was captured on January 5.

{Disclaimer: Viewer Discretion Is Advised}

She make the clothes noose around the neck of her mother-in-law and then hit on the head by a stone severely and had bled. Her cruelty was not over then she tried to give the current of water heating rod.

Yet no action was taken by the police because these attack has done by a woman. Sangeeta Jain haunt her husband for false Dowry & Marital Rape cases.

People are raising voice against laws are only to protest the daughter-in-law, not mother-in-law.

Strong laws were created for women but some women are misusing the laws.

Her marriage has been seven years and the divorce case is going on.