WASHINGTON (News Desk) – The Democratic bloc has finally ended a 24-hour-long sit in at the White House, after failing to convince the Republican majority to adopt better gun control laws in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, which claimed 49 people were killed.

According to reports, the lawmakers, however, vowed to resume to their protest on July 5, when the legislature will return to work after two-week break.

Talking newsmen on the occasion, sit-in leader John Lewis said that Americans and people around the world were with them, adding, “We must never give up or give in.”

The veteran politician, who had marched with Martin Luther King in the historic civil rights movement, said that the campaign would be even more determined to achieve its objectives once it returned to the House on July 5.

The unprecedented sit-in at the floor of the House of Representatives began on Wednesday, after the Republican House speaker Paul Ryan refused to allow voting on two bills presented by the Democrats.