Pop sensation Taher Shah is back with ‘Humanity Love’ message in Urdu

03:43 PM | 1 Jan, 2017
Pop sensation Taher Shah is back with ‘Humanity Love’ message in Urdu
KARACHI - Pakistan's social media sensation and quirky singer Taher Shah has once again released a new single in Urdu, minutes before 2017.

After mesmerising audiences with 'Eye to Eye' and 'Angel', Taher has released  ‘Humanity Love’ which focuses primarily on humanity and love.

In the latest track, Taher sits in an ornate Gothic-Jacobean-style chair, wearing a golden dress and petting a white cat and harnesses for the first time Urdu Language to transmit the message of love and kindness.

Inspiring others to be brave, he arouses his fellows to be blunt in expressing their love for someone. His poem on dubs love as Angels and suggests not fearing from angels.

"Love is an angel, love is in the eyes, love is my belief, love is my identity. Accepting true love is accepting real love, why are you scared to fall in true love? When you can truly love your love in dreams," the poem states.

Although the latest track is merely Taher reciting few verses of ordinary poetry but it should be no surprise if it goes viral owing to the dapper looks and curly hair of Taher, more often known as King Shah.

Earlier, Taher Shah reportedly left Pakistan owing to security threats. He urged authorities to prvide him fool-proof security.