"Some people pray for war" Sonu Nigam stands up against Pakistan India war

06:16 PM | 1 Oct, 2016
As the Bollywood has become more 'belligerent' towards Pakistani artists following the debate whether Pakistani artists should be allowed to work in India has intensified, a sane message has been voiced by the famous singer Sonu Nigam amidst the herd of ultra-nationalists fanning the escalated tensions.

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In his recent tweet, the singer slammed the ongoing warmongering in India.

The singer wrote:

"Dil ne dimaag ko dhar dabocha hai shaayed 

Suna hai koi jang ki duawaaein karta hai"


Sonu Nigam had also organised a concert for Pakistani singer Atif Aslam at Indian city of Gurgaon to spread the message of peace. However, the concert was soon called of amid threats and security issues.

Very recently, actor Salman Khan had come under backlash from the extremist groups for saying that Paksitani artists were not terrorists.

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Many Bollywood artists came out to spew venom at Pakistan following the Uri attack and heightened tensions at LoC.

Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan shocked Pakistani fans with their ultra-nationalist tweets.




With senior artists spewing hatred and indulging in nonsensical jingoism, it is seems that warmongering and hysteria has bewitched the major part of Indian political discourse.